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Privacy Policy

In the cases you use the forms for Feedback or Special offer, you consent to give Wienerberger EOOD the required personal data. By sending off your order, you consent to the use and storage of your data by Wienerberger EOOD for order processing. Your consent can be withdrawn at any time (e.g. by telephone +359 2 80 66 777 or via email The lawfulness of the processing of your data prior to your withdrawal of consent remains unaffected. For all details regarding the storage, processing and deletion of data as well as your rights regarding the use of your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Other Content on the Website

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Any illegally made by you (users) access to and through the site, including through use of specially designed computer programs („viruses”, „worms ” and other similar software), designed to seek out and communicate information different from the information, provided on the site and for its aims (such as, but not limited to: information representing commercial or economic secret of Wienerberger ЕООD, product manufacture technology information etc.), which access is aiming to supply for yourself or for another this information, or is aiming to damage the operation of the site, will be considered as violation of these General Terms and will lead to prosecution under the Criminal Code of the Republic of Bulgaria. Wienerberger ЕООD reserves the right to seek compensation for damages under the General Civil and Commercial Rules for any unlawful interference with the legal sphere of Wienerberger ЕООD, carried out by the above mentioned order.

Site Design Ownership

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Change of Terms

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Law and Jurisdiction

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